How and how long does it takes to complete the Title Deed Progress ?

Title Deed ( TAPU ) Procedure in Turkey

In Turkey the Title Deed registrations was taking 3 months to be completed befor October 2013 but here after it takes maximum 1 week to finalize the registration .

When you decide on a property in Turkey , you need to register that property on your name and you need following documents in advance :

1- Copy of your passport of seller and buyer , if one of the parties Turkish Citizen id card is enough .

2- Tax id number from Turkish Tax Office ( can be taken with a copy of your passport from Tax Office for free )

3- Existing Title Deed (Tapu) copy of property which is going to be bought

4- 2 photos per person from both seller and buyer .

5- Tax Value document from Municipality (4 % of the value implied on this document needs to be paid as tax) *

These documents needs to be given to Turkish Land Registry Office by seller during the sales application to begin the procedure . In most cases the paperwork gets ready in 3 days and Land Registry office informs the parties by sms . When sms is received both parties needs to be ready there on time and 4 % tax also had to be paid to the closest Ziraat Bank or Halk Bank  .Finally an officer shows the legal book and explains the details of property by an interprater to foreign party and both of the parties signs the legal document of Land Registry Transfer and in max 15 minutes new Title Deed (Tapu) is given to the new owner of mentioned property .

Sometimes one of the parties are not able to be in Turkey for these paperworks and signatures , in this case the party may authorize someone who is able to sign on behalf of him/her by a Power of Attorney . A power of attorney can be typed in closest Turkish Embassy or Notarius Publicus in residence country but in case of doing this in Notarius Publicus this documents needs to be stamped as APOSTILE by Notarius , otherwise it would not work in Turkey . Translation of the power of attorney may bring some expenses .

* The tax value is always lower than sales value , that is why the paperwork for a 100 sqm apartment would not be more than 3.000 

Please do not hesitate to ask when you need to know more about this procedure .


Expenses of your Property

After getting your property registered on your name following expenses will follow :

1- Electricity subscribtion 150  (once)

2- Water subscribtion 75  (once )

3- ISKAN ( building usage permission) depends on location and size of the apartment but around 1.000 

4- Housing tax is 2 per thousand from tax value which is determined by government .

5- Insurance is optional but price starts from 100  and more depending on property size, location and value

6- Maintanance fee depending on each property management but in Alanya it is mostly between 20 and 100  per month and it begins when the apartment is ready to move in . 

Please do not hesitate to contact in case you need to know something related to your property... 

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